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Welcome to KCMajesTees!

Choose your favorite player.
Then choose a shirt or three.

Central Rising!

Gold Gloves not for sale.

The Best in the West!

Gold and Red ’til you’re old and dead.

I Believe!

…these shirts are in.

Food for Thought? Earn A Spot.

“KC Majestees delivers clever designs for any Kansas City sports fan. Whether casual or diehard, these shirts are a must own for any show of support.”

Joel H

“It’s easy being a Hosmer-sezual when spending little on some very unique designs. Doesn’t hurt that the tees wash well and wear even better.”

Kristen D

“How could you have possibly known that I want every single one of these?”

John M

“If there’s one thing I’ve ever wanted, its to have a moose in a taco… on a t-shirt.”

Joshua P

Thank You For Supporting Kansas City.

KC Majestees is proud to be born, owned and operated within beautiful Kansas City, Missouri.

All items are of original design and screen printed on 100% cotton pre-shrunk t-shirts.

Friend us. Follow us. Call or write with any questions or comments.